Tottenville is the southernmost neighborhood of Staten Island and was named after the “locally prominent” Totten Family, early settlers of the area. You can see their name on tombstones at the local Bethel Methodist Church. Home to the Conference House, known as “an invaluable relic of Staten Island’s History” celebrated as the meeting place for a peace conference that was held to end The Revolutionary War in 1776. Some of its attendants were Edward Rutledge, John Adams, Lord Howe and Benjamin Franklin, just to name a few. The Conference House has been preserved and has retellings and portrayals of these events with local actors and historians. It is also a neighborhood away from one of New York City’s largest and most respected high schools, Tottenville High School, which has an Institute Program is respected for its career and technical programs. The neighborhood is largely middle to upper middle class and has some of the most beautiful, Victorian homes. Its homes are surrounded with lots of acreage and wooded beauty. It is hard to believe that you are in a part of New York City when in Tottenville, it has the best of both worlds.