Todt Hill

Todt Hill is one of the most affluent areas on Staten Island and has some of the most extravagant living that New York City has to offer. The community has absolutely stunning, panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, the New York Harbor and the Verrazano Bridge. It has been home to a number of notable people such as radio personality Robin Quivers, baseball pitcher John Franco, airplane pioneer Charles R. Witteman, WWI ace John Vaughn and the infamous Paul Castellano. The name Todt comes from the Dutch Language word for “dead” and either refers to the old Moravian Cemetery at the Southwestern foot of the ridge or may have been given that name by the dutch settlers because of its “treeless rocky exposures on the hilltop”. It is the highest point on the eastern seaboard between Maine and Florida. The recently closed seminary that marks this point is called the Saint Francis Friary. Riding along the hill there are gated mansions, highly stylized architecture, and lovely cul de sacs.

The private oasis lies along the North Eastern tip of the Greenbelt, New York City’s “largest remaining forest preserve”. Todt Hill is home to the immaculate Richmond County Country Club, which is a privately owned eighteen hole golf course that also offers other amenities. The area’s privacy and security is incomparable to any other in NYC. There are several schools in the surrounding area, but it houses the highly selective and prestigious prep school, Staten Island Academy; that offers grades pre-k through twelve. Todt Hill does not house any other businesses because it is kept to preserve the affluence of a “secluded residential paradise” however, some of New York City’s highly rated restaurants exist nearby. Todt Hill has some of the most impressive living in New York City and offers a lifestyle of privilege that cannot be surpassed.