Stapleton Heights

Stapleton Heights is an upper middle class enclave on the northeastern shore of Staten Island overlooking the Upper New York Bay. Stapleton took its name from the merchant and land owner, Michael J. Staples, that bought a large portion of East Shore land from the Vanderbilt Family. It is known for its very old one family homes that have been preserved and renovated by its residents, many of them members of the Mud Lane Historic Society founded in the late 1970s. Stapleton Heights is known as the mud lane historic district because,“before pavement and sewers, passing downpours would wash mud from the surrounding hillside onto the street”. It has an abundance of Victorian and Historic homes resting along a bucolic setting. It leads to the forever changing and hip Van Duzer Street that houses many eclectic businesses such as antiques shops and used bookstores. The main street that houses all of these beautiful homes and Saint Paul’s Church and Rector is Saint Pauls Avenue, which is a pleasure to walk or ride along on any day. There also are primary and secondary public schools on Saint Pauls Avenue, which makes it easy for many of the families there that have young children. Stapleton Heights is rare in its exclusivity and eloquence.