Great Kills

Great Kills is the northernmost community of the South Shore and rides along the Staten Island Railway System. Great Kills lies on Staten Island’s Great Kills Harbor and got its name because a “great” number of small streams dot the area. Kill is the dutch word for channel or stream. The park that lies on the Great Kills Harbor is Gateway Park, a national park and recreation area that offers a marina, a beach, trails for running and bike riding, and fields for model airplane enthusiasts. The Great Kills Park Marina has two well established restaurants known as the Marina Cafe and the Marina Grande (catering hall and bar). Great Kills also has the Nichols Great Kills Marina, Atlantis Marina and Yacht Club, and Richmond County Yacht Club. Some of Great Kills schools are IS 24 and Saint Clare’s Elementary. The homes are nicely developed and tucked away. Great Kills is a peaceful and quiet community for living.