Emerson Hill

Emerson Hill is another one of Staten Island's highly affluent, hilly areas. Like some of Todt Hill; its roads are technically considered private because there are "several gates at the approaches to the enclave". However, 'the gates are always open and they are never manned by security, so it is not officially considered a "gated community".' Yet, the seclusion of the area is still existent because there is nothing else occupying the hill but these highly covetable and fetching properties and its oak and maple trees. The surroundings are lush and luxurious and it is literally minutes from the Staten Island Expressway on its north side.

Emerson Hill was named after Judge William Emerson, oldest brother of the famous writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. William, his wife and his children, Haven and Charles, lived on the hill in the mid 1800s and were tutored by the famous writer Henry David Throeau. During this time, Thoreau wrote his famous literary letter titled “Letter from Staten Island” in which he speaks of his work with Judge Emerson’s children. There is a street on the hill known as Longfellow Avenue, it houses the “two mock tudor homes” that were used as Casa Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s film The Godfather. Running south of the Hill and only blocks away are P.S. and I. S. 48 and running north of the hill is Concord High School. Some of Staten Island’s long standing restaurants that are nearby are Italianissimo and El Pollo, ideal if you would like to enjoy an evening of some of the Island’s delicious, ethnic food. Emerson Hill’s narrow, long and winding roads and privacy create an ambiance that one would feel in a small European village. Owning a property here will make one feel like they are living in their own little exclusive part of world.