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If you have gone anywhere near the ferry lately, you have no doubt noticed that the giant cranes have finally been put in place to help erect the NY Wheel.

The cranes come in two sizes: one that can life 600 tons and the other being able to lift over 1,350 tons. In fact, the smaller of the two cranes is mainly going to be used to help build the bigger crane! 

The New York Wheel began construction in May of 2015 and is expected to see its grand opening sometime in early 2018.

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With so much construction and change hitting the North Shore as of late, many have found it fair to ask that evergreen question: Is Staten Island becoming the new Brooklyn?

In 2017, it does have some weight to it. With the NY Wheel and SI outlets quickly coming into focus and the recent emergence of URBY and the Lighthouse Point housing spaces, it is worth re-evaluating where SI stands. It seems that every few years we ask this question, but as construction is at an all-time high right now it begs us to also ponder what exactly this means for SI in the months and years to come. 

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We've been hearing about the NY Wheel and Empire Outlets projects for some time now. The tourist destination will essentially greet people visiting Staten Island with an experience truly unique to the city of New York, while creating an exciting new atmosphere in the St. George area of Staten Island.

Next to Richmond County Ballpark (Home of the Staten Island Yankees), and the Staten Island Ferry terminal, the outlets and observation wheel will give visitors and island residents alike the opportunity to shop, play, and enjoy a ballgame, all with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. 

"BFC Partners is building the outlets, which is expected to house about 125 retailers, a variety of restaurants and cafes, a 200-room, 130,000-square-foot hotel and

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