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Everybody loves Christmas, even the people who claim they don’t. Celebrate Christmas on Staten Island this holiday season by flocking out to your local Christmas Festivals. This year, head on down to either of the Christmas tree lighting festivals, or if you’re feeling frisky head on down to BOTH!

The first event will take place on Saturday, December 10th, between 10th Street and New Dorp Plaza. It will be the third annual New Dorp Christmas Festival. At this one, families will have the option of having their picture taken with Santa Claus. There will also be a holiday train that promises to be fun for everyone. Start time is set for 4 pm and there will be plenty of food, entertainment, and raffles to last you until 6 pm.

The following day,

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The holiday season is already upon us. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and after everyone’s family has packed up their leftovers and left for the night, the holiday shopping season will kick in starting with Black Friday. Following Black Friday, where most big-business stores severely cut down their prices, is Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is almost the opposite of Black Friday, whereas Black Friday is mainly handled by the bigger stores, Small Business Saturday is celebrated mostly in your own community and customers are encouraged to patronize their locally owned stores. Small businesses use this day to show their appreciation to all of the customers who frequent their store and consumers are encouraged to accept this appreciation.

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If you love both Staten Island and comedy then chances are that you’ve heard of the Impractical Jokers. If you haven’t, the Impractical Jokers are a comedy troupe that helms from Staten Island. They have a television show on truTV that documents all four long-time friends as they attempt to trip up and embarrass each other. 

The Impractical Jokers crew has just boarded a train that so many others have already been riding and that train goes by the name The Mannequin Challenge. The challenge consists of a big room or group of people frozen in place while a cameraman pans around them as if they are mannequins. 

Videos of The Mannequin Challenge have been popping up all over the Internet and some participants include The New York Giants, Hilary

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Local artist Scott LoBaido is trying to clean up the streets of Staten Island one intersection at a time. In a partnership with the community group Where To Turn, LoBaido has designed and helped implement a plan to help rid the streets of litter and garbage. On the corner of North Gannon and Bradley Avenue, right off the Staten Island Expressway, you’ll find a unique garbage can on the side of the road. This garbage can is fastened with a mesh type backboard that will ensure people who try to throw garbage from their car window actually make their shots and the garbage ends up where it belongs. This street side prototype is, right now, the only one you’ll find, but if it helps the way it’s intended then you can bet you’ll be seeing these pop up

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If you live on Staten Island, you may have heard about the legend that is the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard. If you haven’t, let me explain it a bit for you. The Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard is a small body of water that houses abandoned, rusted, sunken ships that have accumulated over time.

The graveyard used to have around 400 vessels but currently only 10 are left. The graveyard was opened in the 1930 and was intended to sell salvaged parts from old and broken down ships. The graveyard is otherwise off-limits to the public but if you want to get the best close-up look you can get, Tech Insider has you covered. Watch the drone footage above and not only enjoy the sights to see, but learn about the history of the graveyard.

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