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It's Halloween, and  as you might know, Staten Island is the home to more than a couple scary and spooky hot spots. Among them are The Vanderbilt Tomb in Moravian Cemetery, The Old Seaview Hospital, and the Church of St. Andrew. One of the not as well known haunted spots being Haunted Snug Harbor.

Currently, Snug Harbor exists as a Cultural Center and Botanical Garden but 200 years ago, Sailor’s Snug Harbor was something else entirely. Serving as a port for over thousands of sailors during stormy and dangerous seas, Snug Harbor served as an almost refugee camp for sailors that would have otherwise not made it out at sea.

Now rumors and sightings float around of the spirits of those sailors lingering inside the grounds. The documentary below

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It is always a good time when creators and artists alike come together to make something great. If you didn’t already know, the first annual Cypher Fest recently passed and it was an all-around great time. The festival brought international and local artists together to work towards making the neighborhood a sight to see.

The entire event was orchestrated and created by Charlie Balducci, NYC Arts Cypher’s President and founder. His goal not only being bringing up the neighborhood but also shedding light on organizations like Pillz Killz, and Anti-Bullying campaigns.

The event featured local artists such as Terry and Caster, as well as world-renowned street artists Crisp, Sipros, and Jorit Agoch. Watch the video above and get inside the art of

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