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Sometimes you just want to get up out of your bed, put on a comfortable but stylish outfit, tie your shoelaces, and go for a leisurely ride on the Staten Island Railroad. You can ride the rails all the way from Tottenville to St. George, and then back to Tottenville with a return trip. Though other times, you might not want to leave the comfort of your own home and now, you won’t have to. 

YouTuber Brandon Betancourt has taken time out of his life to document an entire Staten Island Railroad trip that spans St. George all the way to Tottenville, the other side of the island. The entire video and trip lasts forty minutes, which is the duration of the trip in real life.

If you have the time to spare, check out the entire video above!

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Step aside, Central Park. Staten Island’s own Freshkills Park is gearing up to be the largest park developed in the city of New York for more than a century. Freshkills will feature over 2000 acres of land, which is just around three times the size of Manhattan’s Central Park.

The park isn’t open to the public quite yet but if you need to catch a sneak peak, here’s your last chance. Freshkills Park is holding its very last Discovery Day of the year, this Sunday the 18th. Don’t worry about purchasing tickets because the event will be free to all in attendance and will run from 11am all the way until 4pm.

Only around 700 acres, with eight miles of trails, will be made available to visitors, cyclists, and runners. There will be food trucks present at

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