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So you want to ride the famous Staten Island Ferry but you just don’t have half an hour to spare? Boy, do I have just the video for you. Don Arangio, a Staten Island filmmaker who helms from St. George, has put together a time-lapse video of an entire Staten Island Ferry ride. 

This time-lapse cuts the famed 25-minute ride down to a mere 18 seconds. If you’re feeling a little frisky, you could even put the video into slow motion and ride the ferry virtually, in real time!

Check out more of Don’s work and subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking here!

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Every year the summer has to end sometime, and every year we break into the nice fall season with Staten Island’s huge Richmond County Fair. This year is no different so get hungry and get excited because this year’s fair will be taking place on Labor Day weekend, September 3rd-5th.

The Richmond County Fair will feature a variety of rides, food, shows, and so much more, which adds up to be a great time for everyone in attendance. Everyone is welcome to come on down to explore the beauty that is Historic Richmond Town.

The event starts at 11am and runs until 6pm, Saturday through Monday. Tickets will be $16 for adults, children smaller than thirty inches get in for free, and for only $11 for seniors over 65.

Historic Richmond Town is located at

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The Staten Island Zoo is a wonderful place to visit for the entire family. There are opportunities to hand feed a certain number of animals and even more opportunities for you to learn about any animal you plan to visit. The zoo plays home to a wide variety of animals and reptiles that aren’t to be missed. The good news is that you don’t have to miss any of it and admission to the zoo is FREE every Wednesday after 2pm and for now up until February 14th, 2017 the zoo is also free every Tuesday after 2pm.

Recently, the zoo opened up one of its newest attractions: The Conservation Carousel. The Carousel features 25 different animals from around world that you can ride on. All of the animals were hand-carved and each ride is $2 per person. 

If you plan

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It’s always an exciting day when you’re in full view of the water and you spot something you don’t normally see. It could be a bunch of fins bouncing up and down through the waves, or even a flock of pelicans playing vulture around the water. It wasn’t either of these things for YouTube user Holly Bosshard on a sunny Staten Island day back in May. Instead, Bosshard was lucky enough to spot a Humpback Whale breaching the shores of Staten Island.

I have personally never been lucky enough to see anything quite like that when I’m cruising the shore but thanks to Holly Bosshard, I can witness this majestic creature via the video she took and posted to YouTube. In the video, you can plainly see Staten Island’s Verrazano Bridge in the background.


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The Staten Island Ferry is no stranger to the weird and the fascinating. Sometimes you get a clown walking by, offering to make people balloon animals and sometimes you get an aspiring singer trying to sell and market their new mixtape. You may have seen all of that before, but I can bet you’ve never had a ferry ride quite like riders did this past July 8th, 2016. 

Most people plan for their ferry ride to be quiet and relaxing, Keith Haskel and Bethany Hall had other plans. The two were engaged to be married and decided to coordinate an unauthorized wedding that was to take place aboard the Staten Island Ferry. The boat they ended up on was the John J. Marchi, which is only one of the many boats that makes up the Staten Island Ferry Fleet. 

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