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Staten Island is on its way to being one of the focal tourist hot spots of New York City. From the world’s largest Ferris wheel all the way to a new outlet mall, there are great things coming to Staten Island. One of those “Core Four” developments is going by the name of Lighthouse Point.

Lighthouse Point, which is under development by Triangle Equities, is set to feature over 60K square feet of retail space, as well as at least 109 residential units, 125K square feet of parking that promises to fit up to 400 card. Aside from trying to lift up the neighborhood with all the new upgrades, the project plans to rehabilitate 4 of the historic U.S. lighthouse depot buildings.

For now, this is all just plans but what we say to Lighthouse Point is,

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Chris Penn is doing something great here. By creating an organization with a main goal of supporting and assisting those people in the arts that may be in need of a hand. Penn, originally from Maryland, came to Staten Island to attend school and stuck around to accomplish interesting things.

‘What’s Your Story?’ is a web series featured on the YouTube channel of 50/50 Skate park, which is located on Staten Island. The series chronicles different people’s stories and interviews a different person each episode.

The above episode is the third episode of the series and features Chris Penn and informs the viewer of where the ideas for his organization, Projectivity/The Higher Concept, come from and what people can expect from it.

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The 15th anniversary of the closing of Staten Island’s Fresh Kills Landfill is creeping up on us and it’s the best time to tune into this documentary.

Andy Levison, directed this documentary that centers around the closing of the “Staten Island” dump, and gives us a good depiction of Freshkills changeover from being a landfill to being a parkland.

You can read more about the film production, here

Read more about Freshkills park, here

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If there’s one thing almost everyone in the world can agree on, it’s food. Food is delicious and it’s arguably the meaning of life. Anthony DePrimo,  a reporter from the Staten Island Advance, feels the same way.

DePrimo set out on a search for Staten Island’s most comforting, delicious food. He perused various eatery’s around the island such as Beans and Leaves Café on Forest Avenue, and Duffy’s Tavern, which is coincidentally also located on Forest Avenue.

If you’re into comfort foods, check out this informative video that tells you how to make Marie’s Gourmet’s famous breakfast pizza. 

See Anthony’s Full Gallery of Staten Island Comfort Foods, here

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JohnnyDrone has done it again. He has captured Staten Island in an unimaginable way, taking his drone techniques and taking on Miller Field in New Dorp.

Miller Field might not be the most beautiful place on Staten Island, but it is one of the most interesting. While the field is now a park open to the public, it’s original purpose was that of a military facility and an airport. Read more about Miller Field, here.

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