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If you’ve ever been to a Staten Island beach and seen how almost empty it was, watch this video and know that it hasn’t always been like that. Staten Island beaches used to be a place of retreat and somewhere that people could spend a vacation. It’s fun to witness what a place used to be, how everything used to go.

YouTuber, John Sublett, thought it might be a fun idea to make a slideshow of how Staten Island beaches used to be represented. Using vintage photographs, he shows us how much fun our predecessors once had.

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Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect wedding dress for you on your big day? This video, created by Staten Islanders, showcases the history of wedding dresses throughout the previous century, starting with the year 1900 and ending with the current year, 2016.

A wondrous idea with exciting execution, this video was filmed on Staten Island in the historic Edgewater Hall, which was constructed in the year 1876. All of the dresses were actually worn by brides on their wedding days, which puts a more personal touch to this already interesting piece of media.

This recent trend of video is brought to us by Alexandra Nyman and Sebastian Barbera, Noelle Kraft, and Tatiana Ribery. Local Staten Island designers and vintage shops participating

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Winter Storm Jonas took New York down a notch this past weekend. It’s biggest snowstorm in a long time, Staten Island received well over 30 inches of snow, stranding most motorists to their driveways and garages.

JohnnyDrone made it a point to document the aftermath of the storm, sending his drone into the air and capturing aerial views of Silver Lake Park as well as several residents trying to snow-blow their way out of the mess that is the snow.

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If you’re a lazy person who doesn’t enjoy taking long hikes in the park but still enjoys parks then this drone footage is for you. Scott Grella of Staten Island, founder of Hippo.TV, has given us footage of Staten Island’s Greenbelt that is not only beautiful to look at but also laced with information and trivia about the park.

Staten Island’s Greenbelt is open to the public and is filled with more than a few wondrous sights, picnic spots, and hiking trails. You can learn more about it by clicking, here.

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