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Damian Thomas has done Staten Island a service by Livestreaming Winter Storm Jonas directly from his window. Thomas, a co-founder of Dog and Pony Show, and resident of Staten Island took it upon himself to capture this record-breaking snowstorm, specifically in Grant City.

The time-lapse features not only snowfall but also some heroics of strangers helping other strangers who became stranded in the snow, you can also see official Department of Transportation vehicles attempting to clear the snow, and much more!

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It’s not often that you come across projects that can be bridged together, but Kevin Rogers of Staten Island based production company, Backslash Bomb Productions, is on his way to doing just that. ‘Blink: The Observer’ is a short film about a world where a giant eye has appeared in the sky, sending civilization skydiving downwards towards a ruined earth of collapsing governments and failing crops as the world schisms between people worshiping the eye and people terrified of what the eye can do.

This short film is actually a prelude to an actual independent feature film that is now in pre-production. And all of it is written, directed, and produced by Rogers. Rogers himself helms directly from Staten Island.

Check out the official Blink website, here

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‘Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others’ is a comedic short film that tells the story of a Morrissey fan who, convinced he can wrestle, becomes entered into an underground Lucha Libra competition. This short film started as an indiegogo campaign and is the brainchild of Staten Island’s own Geoff Celis. Celis is most known for his work on Impractical Jokers on truTV and for being a consistent advocate for all things Staten Island.

The short film stars Kevin Devlin, Tim Duffy, Casey Jost, Michaelangelo Muniz, and one of the stars of Impractical Jokers, Brian Quinn.

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Yes, to answer your question The Learning Channel [TLC] is still a thing on television and they’re bringing comedy to you in the form of ‘Bet On Me.’ Casey Jost, a comedian native of Staten Island hosts this brand new game show, which puts contestants in a position everyone is most comfortable in; the people watching position. Contenders are given the chance to guess things about the people they’re watching and if they get it right, they win money!

You may know Casey Jost from his work on the hit truTV show, Impractical Jokers. Jost also acted in recent Staten Island set film ‘Staten Island Summer.’

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