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Earlier this year, news outlet DNAinfo, asked New Yorkers to draw the boundaries of their neighborhoods on a map. They did this because of the frequent disagreement about just where the boundaries lie for certain New York City communities. On Staen Island, in Grant City for example, the borders of the area are blurred at best. Today, DNAinfo revealed it's findings, and they're quite interesting.    Here's what DNA had to say:  

We asked, and boy did you deliver. In August we asked readers to settle age-old disputes and draw where their neighborhoods begin and end. More than 12,000 New Yorkers responded, drawing maps in more than 280 neighborhoods and giving us a pretty detailed look at the local geography.

See the results of their

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Illuminate Stapleton is "a neighborhood wide festival highlighting the artists, art spaces, and other local businesses in and around Tappen Park, in Stapleton.  Visitors to the park will be able to view large scale video projections, experience different light based art installations in the park, listen to live music from local bands and community performers, and get an overall sense of what Stapleton has to offer."

Making a point to show off the cultural side of Staten Island, Stapleton features light based art, meaning that the show will literally spotlight the island. Island arts outfit, Staten Island Arts will be hosting an artist market where visitors can purchase all different types of handmade arts and crafts from local artists.  The park will

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Staten Island has changed a lot in the last 50 years. It's fun to think about just how much. One constant through that time has been the Staten Island Island Ferry. In fact, the Staten Island Ferry has been in operation since 1817. In the video below, posted to the Ella's Archive YouTube channel, you can take a virtual voyage upon the Staten Island Ferry circa 1960. It's interesting to see the way that people interacted on the ship and how both the St. George and Whitehall terminals have changed in the time between this documentary and today. 

Take a look:

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Staten Island Comedian, Colin Jost, is best known for being the current Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live. Apparently, he's also quite the golfer. This Month, Colin is featured on the cover of Golf Digest magazine in their "The Comedy Issue." Along with the physical magazine, in which he's interviewed, Colin provided some internet only video content. One of the videos that he starred in for Golf Digest also stars his brother Casey, a writer for TruTV's Impractical Jokers, who is a comedian in his own right. 

In the video below, watch as Colin and Casey take to the links and show golfers the worst things that can be said when someone is trying to tee off:

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 Did you know that Staten Island has go-karts? Not a lot of people do! That's why the Advance took a video camera down to Staten Island Go-Karts in Castleton Corners in order to feel the thrill of our very own Staten karts. Before the weather gets cold and winter-y, take a trip down to Castleton Corners and feel like a race car driver in your own backyard. 

The gasoline powered vehicles are probably the closest thing we'll get to the official NASCAR tack that was proposed and rejected in the 2000-aughts. Take a first person look at the ride, below:

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