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  Drone footage is becoming very very popular among amateur filmmakers and hobbyists in various communities. Thanks to this new technology, we're given a peek into some new and interesting points of view. One of the more breathtaking POVs that we've been introduced to recently is that of the Staten Island Fisherman.    Being an island, Staten Island is primed for some great fishing opportunities, take the video below for example. YouTuber, Johnny Drone, and friends took a boat out "somewhere" off the coast of Staten Island. Footage from the quadcopter was taken at Sunset for maximum effect.   Take a look:
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The Staten Island Zoo is a staple of recreation on Staten Island. This week, one of it's furry residents has made a huge splash all over the internet. With coverage everywhere from The Today Show to tech blog, Mashable, Earl - a lamb that looks curiously like a panda bear, has attained rock star status. 

Dubbed, the "pandalamb", Earl has brought a number of curious residents (and journalists) to West Brighton for a look. To be clear, earl is 100% lamb. His coat is black and white and makes him appear similar to a panda, but he's got no panda in his lineage. If you're interested in taking a trip to meet Earl, you can visit the Staten Island Zoo at 614 Broadway on Staten Island. 

Below is a clip of Earl's appearance on The Today Show:

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Every day, tourists from all over the world come across New York Harbor on board the Staten Island Ferry. Many Staten Islanders are privileged to make this trip on a regular basis on their commutes to work and other activities taking place across the water in Manhattan. One brave YouTuber, IrixGuy, posted this video of his trip on the iconic vessel. 

IrixGuy shot the trek across the harbor with a GoPro. While usually reserved for extreme sports and videos from the perspective of animals, seeing a ferry ride from the lens of a GoPro is actually pretty neat. 

Take a look:

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  You've probably been hearing the word "drone" thrown around a lot in the past few years. As the technology becomes more available, hobbyists are beginning to use it to create some stunning imagery. The screenshot above shows the view from a drone hovering over Staten Island's Silver Lake Park. This frame is from a video shot by YouTuber, UnitedWeFlyGuy, who's quickly becoming the most popular drone-documentarian on Staten Island. His work was recently feature on and then shared by the official Visit Staten Island Twitter account. 
UnitedWeFlyGuy has also shot the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard from above. The footage at both locations is pretty spectacular. As the videos become more and more popular, you can expect UWFG to create…
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